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Läänemere Hambakliinik – YOUR HEALTHY SMILE!

Läänemere Hambakliinik is a contractual partner of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and one of the largest dental clinics in Estonia.

The clinic has 48 dentists and more than 70,000 patients have entrusted their dental health in their hands.

Läänemere Hambakliinik has two locations: the clinics are located in the capital's Lasnamäe and Mustamäe districts.

In Lasnamäe, Läänemere Hambakliinik is located at Linnamäe tee 3; this venue has 22 dental offices. In addition to the clinic in Lasnamäe, Läänemere Hambakliinik opened another clinic in Mustamäe at Keskuse 16 in 2021. There are 16 doctors of various specialties in Mustamäe, who see patients in 15 brand new offices equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment.

Both of our clinics offer patients high-quality dental services and a personalized approach that takes into account the patient's wishes and what they can afford.

We offer our patients comprehensive dental care, whereby patients receive a solution to their various problems all in one clinic. We can also help the whole family, as we offer services to patients of all ages.

Our two clinics are contractual partners of the Health Insurance Fund for children's dental treatment, adult dental treatment compensation, denture compensation, life-long dental care and emergency dental care.

Our clinics in Lasnamäe and Mustamäe employ both general dentists and dentists specialising in a narrower field of dentistry (root canal treatment, dental prosthetics, gum disease treatment, surgery, implantology, paediatric dentistry). We also offer the services of an oral hygienist at both clinics and emergency aid if it is available on the same day.

All of our offices are equipped with modern dental equipment and our dentists use high-quality working materials. Intra-oral X-rays are available in every office, and both OPTG and 3D X-rays can be taken in the clinics' X-ray rooms. We also attach great importance to the hygiene and sterility of all our premises and instruments.

Läänemere Hambakliinik offers the following dental services:

  • Diagnosis of dental and oral diseases
  • Treatment of caries
  • Root canal treatment and retreatment
  • Root canal treatment and retreatment under a microscope
  • Surgical root treatment (surgical removal of the root apex)
    • Prosthetics
    • Dental crowns
    • Veneers
    • Braces
    • Complete removable prostheses
    • Partial removable prostheses
  • Extraction of teeth
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgery (removal of cysts, gum and bone grafting, maxillary sinus floor augmentation)
  • Treatment of gum diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis)
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Dentistry under general anaesthesia
  • Professional oral hygiene (air-flow cleaning with ultrasound removal of dental calculus)
  • Teeth whitening at the doctor’s office
  • Home teeth whitening (customised mouth guards)

You can learn more about our services on the website in the "Services" section.

You can get acquainted with our doctors in the "Doctors" section.

We also recommend that you read the clinic's price list and other documents related to dental care and the organization of the clinic before visiting us.

Book your visit today, using the online booking system on our website or by phone +372 6 600 460.

Läänemere Hambakliinik – YOUR HEALTHY SMILE!

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