First aid

First Aid

Läänemere hambakliinik offers a wide range of services, including first aid to patients who are in a difficulty and cannot get an appointment with their own dentist. For this purpose, there are openings in the schedule of our dentists to administer first aid cases of toothache.

Sudden infection in the mouth is often related to a tooth and the main symptoms are pain and swelling. The inflammatory process is treated at the dentist’s office and usually does not require a course of antibiotics. More serious infections, on the other hand, may require a course of antibacterial drugs, and in extreme cases further treatment in hospital; therefore, specialists of Läänemere hambakliinik recommend seeking help at the first signs of the symptoms described below.


The main symptoms of infection associated with a tooth are pain, swelling and oedema of soft tissues around the area of ​​the source of infection. The developing infection can also be accompanied by painful lymph nodes and bad breath. The inflamed tooth can get mobility and feel a little loose, it may be painful to bite down and some fluid resembling pus can ooze from the gingival pocket. Sometimes, a tooth may be highly sensitive to cold, hot or sweet foods and drinks, and such a situation may indicate the very initial stage of infection. Typically, these conditions require urgent medical diagnosis and first aid.

What is Needed to Provide Effective First Aid for Toothache?

Läänemere hambakliinik has clear internal protocols for the treatment of sudden infections of the mouth. Effective treatment requires a qualitative diagnosis of the painful area or a particular tooth, which also includes the anamnesis (the history of the patient’s diseases and medication used, such as blood thinners), a clinical examination and diagnostic tests (a response to cold, hot and tapping), a digital X-ray and a check of the depth of the gingival pockets. Based on this information, our specialists can determine a diagnosis and choose the most suitable and safe method of treatment for your situation. Many specialists of Läänemere hambakliinik have gained years of experience in providing first aid for toothache in the Nordic countries, where this problem is given special attention. This means that if you contact us for help, we can ensure the implementation of procedures with the topmost predictability, high safety and maximum efficiency.

How to Make an Appointment with us to Receive First Aid for Toothache?

The easiest way is to call the front desk on (+372) 6600460 and book the suitable time. You can also contact us by writing to info@lhk.ee

It is not recommended taking painkillers before the appointment, since they may prevent us from determining the cause of the pain.

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